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Notable Demonstrations

Video Gallery

Electromagnetic Bike

Want to generate electricity with a bike? Here is how!

Jacob's Ladder

Voltage potentials demonstrated in an electrifying way!

Funhouse Mirror

Manipulating a mirror for some wonky results!

Euler's Disk

The powers of precession

Galilean Cannon

Utilizing conservation of momentum for an explosive result!

Conservation of Angular Momentum

Why do figure skaters speed up when tucking in their arms?

Levitating Magnet

Magneto? No! Physics!


Polarization is everywhere…

Gravity Lens

How would things look like if they got behind an intense gravity field?


Glow in the dark paint – How does it work?

Laminar Flow

Finding order in disorder

3D models from HST

Ever seen Hubble’s beautiful pictures? What about in 3D?

Acoustic Levitation

Physics, Magic – Meh same thing at this point

Laminar Flow

THIS is how alien planets are discovered!

Kundt's Tube

We can obviously hear sound… But want to SEE sound?